¿Is legal invest in BCA Cannabis token?

Of Course!. The BCA token is a utility token that can serve some purpose. In the case of the e-groweed.com project, they use the BCA Token to crowdgrow said project, in the case of Bancannabis, BCA is the token of their ecosystem, with which they crowdgrow and develop dApps or smart contracts that represent an exchange of some service or asset within the production chain, such as inputs for cultivation, technical services or consultations, among others.
In the case of the grower user, basically the BCA token is giving them the opportunity to make an input in a cannabis crop, even though it is illegal in the user’s country, since the resources are not directed precisely to the plant (which is possibly prohibited ) but for example, they are directed to a project of spinning or weaving of hemp for the textile industry. At this point all the traceability of your investment can be tracked and verified so that your investment is guaranteed before the local authorities of your country of veridical pharmacy.

Bancannabis Token

Currently the e-groweed.com project makes you a participant in the production chain, which guarantees great profitability by becoming the first actor in the production chain, that is, remote producers give consistency to the production chain, the constant demand allows a better development of the industry by mitigating as many ups and downs as high demand and little satisfaction. Colombia currently only has a capacity of approx. 5% of the world industry and it is evident that an exponential model can achieve that goal through the same community in exchange for profitability for the plants sponsored by the same community, the e-groweed.com model is fully decentralized and ensures the information of the crop supporting it in Blockchain through sensors and cameras (in addition to the strict Colombian standard), verifying the quality of biomass, oils and derivatives, transfers, laboratory analysis, etc.

In conclusion, Bancannabis allows you multiple benefits by being multisectoral, specifically it is a utility token and not a currency, everything is currently decentralized in the Ethereum network, e-groweed.com is carried out through Bancannabis as a model of digital participation . Allows you to invite your referrals through a link or invitation by mail.